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Reliable Cork Solutions, LLC
Helping wineries and vineyards preserve their wines
Our Purpose: to sell the best wine cork stoppers possible at the best price in North America.
Our Origin: We have been committed to locating a cork supplier who would be able to meet stringent requirements for safe, quality cork. This search resulted in the selection of a family owned wine cork operation that also owns a vineyard and winery to provide corks to Reliable Cork Solutions. This was important to us as knowing that if they were selecting, treating and finishing wine corks for their own wine, then we feel confident in providing the same wine corks to vineyards and wineries in the United States.
Our Company:  Reliable Cork Solutions is located in Connecticut.
Office Phone:  (203) 681-7743,           Cell:               (860) 335-0667,
Emails: sales@reliablecorksolutions.com info@reliablecorksolutions.com. 
Our wine corks are selected, branded, treated, processed, bagged and shipped from Portugal. This means you will receive the freshest possible wine corks for your wine. The branding and setup is at no charge and there is no additional fee for delivery.
Our Commitment: We strive to connect our wine makers with our family-owned cork producer. We are dedicated to providing individualized customer service. There are no middlemen involved to add additional cost or complexity to the process of providing the best wine corks possible at the best price.
We take pride in the work and dedication that goes into each wine cork we provide, from the harvesting of the raw cork to the bottling process.  We get great pleasure every time a bottle of wine is opened with a cork produced by Reliable Cork Solutions.
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